November 4, 2015

Give MN 

It’s time to get ready for GIVE MN and Give To The Max Day. Assistance League is participating in this state wide celebration of giving and we need your help. The campaign begins in earnest on November 1st and culminates on the big, GIVE TO THE MAX day, November 12, 2015. So email your friends, family, neighbors and anyone you think might want to see our beautiful page and give electronically to our beautiful cause. Ask them to pass it along. Let’s help our kids and families!
Remember donations entitle us to be entered into a drawing for 2, $10,000 prizes for  donations given between November 1st – 11th and then be entered again every hour a donor gives to our cause for a $1,000 prize on November 12th. So small donations given often will increase our odds more than one, bigger donation given once. The minimum donation is only $10.00 so give every hour and help us win. Copy and paste the logo and the link into your email and Facebook pages and send them along. Let’s Go!