November 18, 2014 , ,

It was a brilliant morning at Bethune on October 22nd! The third grade students were pleased to receive a new book CREEPY CARROTS! and a Reading Buddy from Assistance League. Because we had time before the students arrived for the first half hour, the teacher suggested Reading Buddies sit at the desk of each assigned student. When the students entered the classroom there were some puzzled looks that turned into smiling faces. They had similar reactions in the 2nd and 3rd reading sessions of the morning.

A Community Relations Manager for Barnes & Noble in Edina was able to join us prior to and during the first half hour of reading and could view the fruits of her labor. She helped us with the selection of books for the school year for the third graders (a new book each month plus a selection of books for the summer to be ordered later) as well as books for students in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd  grades (3 books for each student).

The students get into a routine of knowing we’ll be there for them Wednesday mornings…and that’s a wonderful feeling for them and for us.